Linear winding

Linear winding is clearly the basis of our production. We have special semi-automatic and fully automatic winding machines, with which we adapt to the needs and wishes of our customers.

Toroidal winding

The production of toroidal wound parts is another important segment of our production. Equipped with modern winding machines, it allows us to produce parts from a diameter of a few millimeters to the order of tens of centimeters.


We operate our own vertical machining centers, thanks to which we are able to create mechanical components related to our production and thus satisfy the customer's needs in a wide range of milling and drilling tasks requiring maximum precision.


Our machine shops are equipped with classically controlled machine tools to modern CNC multi-axis machines, where we are able to meet specific tasks.

3D measurement

As we want to satisfy even the most demanding customers and hold to the very precise tolerances, our machine department own proper measuring equipment.

EDM drilling and cutting

For machining highly resistant materials, creating problematic shapes or in cases where CNC turning and milling methods are simply not enough, electro-erosive cutting and drilling comes into play.

Laser cutting and welding

For specific purposes, we own a compact fiber laser in our machinery and also a devices for laser beam welding and laser engraving.


Suitable technological equipment provides the possibility of conventional potting and also vacuum potting. We manage not only the potting of individual components but also potting of the entire assembly sets. We use epoxy, polyurethane and silicone materials in the process.